Three reviews have come back from the journalists I sent advance copies to – I’m so grateful to them for reading my book and giving me their thoughts. I LOVE Colin’s full review but it contains a few (sort-of) spoilers, so I’ve put it at the bottom of the page for anyone who doesn’t mind knowing more than the cover lets on…

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Full review from Colin Drury, The Independent

Incest, suicide, drug abuse, lesbian affairs and a bloke who attempts to self-administer a lobotomy using a household drill: it’s fair to say The Raven Wheel isn’t your average YA novel. For good measure, there’s also more swearing than a Tarantino film and lashings of Frosty Jack’s cider.

But this is a debut that is as brilliant as it is brutal. Dark, complex and gripping. In Ria, Stone has created a (anti) heroine for the post-millennial generation: internally conflicted perhaps but fearless, frank and absolutely unwilling to let those who have wronged her get away with it. A teenager not to be trifled with.

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