Launch party!

I’m quite good at saying and doing the wrong things at social events, so instead of having a launch party at a book shop like debut authors are supposed to do, I decided to have it at home, with my dog and my kid’s toys.

Celebrating publication day with Poppy and the gang
Yep, she thought my anecdotes were HILARIOUS
KRAMIG (named by Ikea) was just happy that he coordinated so well with the book
Thomas just bored on about trains the whole time and berated me for not featuring them at all
We all have that one friend who is devastatingly honest. Cat criticised my ‘predictable LBD’ outfit and said I could’ve at lease bothered to wash and/or brush my hair for the occasion
True to form, Peaky Bear got lairy and started acting like he owned the place. With Teddy unconscious, Poppy suddenly felt it had all gone a bit too far
How we’d all rather remember the night

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